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 Rules RE FanFics (SPN or Misha based) A Must Read before posting

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Daniah (Site Admin)

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PostSubject: Rules RE FanFics (SPN or Misha based) A Must Read before posting   Sat Jul 17, 2010 1:08 pm

This area of the forum is for stories that have been written by the members (minions in our case)

These can be any sort of story, related to Misha or not. If they are based around Misha though please remember to be respectful, it’s one thing turning Castiel and Dean into lovers but another to make the person behind the character do something that could be considered offensive.

My personal stance on FanFics is a touchy subject as I am an aspiring writer and although the idea of fanfics is meant to be an extension of the show/book ect it is also theft of someone else hard work and characters. So needless to say will never post any but I do appreciate that a lot of you do enjoy writing them. Again please be tasteful and respectful of the characters being used, and unless I am contacted by the creators of Supernatural or Misha Collins management I will allow them to be posted here.
If however I receive a number of complaint from forum members regarding a particular fanfic I will then contact the author and advise that it has caused some upset and that I am removing the story. I will of course advise as to why it has offended and if the author wishes to re-write the story omitting the offensive material I am happy for them to re-post the story.

Thanks for your understanding and happy writing Minions!

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Rules RE FanFics (SPN or Misha based) A Must Read before posting
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